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Buenas na todos!  This is our Community blog website, where you can see some of our activities, adventures, and information about Barangay Lanzones.

Our Group will constantly update you on our Community Health Management, for now, enjoy reading our progress and adventures! Thank you!


Servidores de Lanzones


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Barangay Lanzones is situated from the outskirts of Zamboanga City proper, where some may say people get the best of both worlds – urban and rural living. The topography is composed of steep roads and rough terrains with breathtaking scenery, some are even overlooking the city skylines. The people follow strong religious beliefs and values harmonious relationships.


In terms of its geography, Barangay Lanzones is located at the Eastern Area, 19 kilometers away from the city proper of Zamboanga del Sur with a vast agricultural area, with local produce of mainly vegetables and fruits supplying the locals of Zamboanga City and the nearby provinces for exporting fruits and vegetables. Lanzones is divided into six (6) sitios, namely: Altomar, Lunawi, Sapabonga, Buenakapok, Zone - 4, and Lanzones, and has eight (8) zonal areas. The Barangay Hall is situated at Zone 1, Sitio Lanzones. 


The travel time to reach the area takes about an hour from the city proper via Jeepney. Upon arriving at the drop-off point, another ride is taken via a habal-habal that takes about 10-15 minutes to arrive at the health center, which is situated at Zone 2 making it the heart of the barangay. They pay high respect to the health workers, especially the midwife assigned at the health center.  


When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in the early months of 2020, the health service access and delivery system was drastically affected. The quarantine policies and lockdowns had a great impact on the primary health service programs that were placed in a state of hiatus, buffering the resources, and capacity of the local health system against the shock from the pandemic. The educational system was not spared from this force majeure, many students were compelled to utilize modular and online platforms that paved the way for flexible learning while ensuring the safety of students and professors. Despite the unanticipated events, people are still making reparations to get by. It simply demonstrates how adaptable people are to big changes and how strong-willed they are in their determination to be able to meet their needs



Servidores de Lanzones

The hue of blue represents the medical students of AdZU - SOM who were linked to the Barangay Lanzones, represented by the hue of yellow, by the insignia of a stethoscope. The stethoscope serves to assess and assist the overall health condition of the said barangay. By actively coordinating and collaborating with the residents and the different stakeholders, Servidores de Lanzones aims to bring health services closer to the people by implementing the comprehensive health plan specially designed to cater to the needs of the residents.

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